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Launch Greensboro/co//ab COVID-19 Policies

Our members’ and employees’ safety is of paramount importance, and all of us share the responsibility to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19. To help protect everyone, we developed a re-open plan that we will follow beginning May 21st. The plan will be maintained and updated as needed.

- Remain closed until sufficient PPE has been acquired – anticipated opening of May 21st.

- Until regularly open and mail delivery can resume, mail be picked up on Friday’s and delivered

to co//ab by 3pm.

- All members must comply with all federal and state mandated orders.

- Members and staff will monitor their own temperature. If you have a temperature above 100.4

you are required to stay at home until your temperature and/or any COVID-like symptoms


- After we reopen co//ab for use, we will follow phased in state guidelines which currently

indicate in Phase One gatherings of no more than 10 people inside a gathering space.

- As we are open through Phase One, as defined by Governor Roy Cooper, the following will be in


 o members will be moved to the student member fee, $30/month, through Phase One

    according to the Governor’s orders (as noted below);

 o restricted hours – co//ab will be open to members only from 8:30am to 6pm and the

    front door will be locked and only members will be allowed in the space;

 o members will be scheduled in the space, on a reservation basis, restricting people in the

    space to 10, so with two Launch Greensboro staff members present, 8 members will be

    allowed in the space;

 o utilizing cobot, members will reserve desk space based on receipt of reservation (first

    come first served) to allow for social distance requirements – you can only reserve a

    desk 1 day in advance (if you need a desk on Wednesday, you must reserve by Tuesday); o reserved desks space will be rotated daily       to allow for cleaning;

 o disinfectant cleaning products will be provided for members – it is your responsibility to

    clean and disinfect your space after use of a desk area and the conference room after

    each use;

 o staff will disinfect all door and sink handles, kitchen equipment, copier and bath sinks on

    a regular basis;

 o public use supplies, eg. stapler, three hole punch, etc., will not be provided – please

    bring your own supplies;

 o all members and staff are required to wear masks when in co//ab unless in the

   conference room with the door closed or an office with a door closed – co//ab will provide masks to those who do not have one but         we encourage to bring your own washable mask;

 o all members and staff must wash their hands and utilize the provided hand sanitizer often;

 o there will be 6 foot markings on the floor to indicate a safe zone around the welcome desk and all soft surface furniture will be           removed and not available for use;

 o membersandstaffwillmaintainsocialdistancingthroughoutthespaceatalltimesand may not congregate in common areas;

 o members can utilize the conference room one person at a time with normal reservation procedures – members will disinfect the room        after each use (supplies provided) and the classroom will be closed until further notice;

 o upon entering co//ab you will be required to use hand sanitizer before taking your reserved desk space – hand sanitizer will be                  provided and available at the entry point;

 o each member will be assigned hand sanitizer bottles and a locker to store any equipment or papers overnight – it is expected that you      will keep the sanitizer with you throughout the day and utilize often – you can leave your personal bottle of hand sanitizer on the coffee      bar overnight;

 o members are required to move papers and equipment from desktops every evening to allow cleaning staff access to the desktops;

 o when available, touchless hand sanitizer stations will be situated throughout co//ab, including at the front entrance and bathroom hall;

 o all trash receptacles will be open-top to avoid touching them;

 o we will not require gloves for use in the space, but will have them available if you would

    like to utilize them except when entering the kitchen - see below; o kitchen use:

     ▪ one person in the space at a time;

     ▪ gloves will be provided outside the kitchen and required to be used while in the

        kitchen, and disposed of in trash can outside the kitchen but remember, hand

        washing/sanitizing and space sanitizing is the best preventative method;

     ▪ the refrigerator has been cleaned out completely and will not be used until all

       federal and state restrictions have been lifted – feel free to bring your own small

       cooler to store drinks and lunch;

     ▪ coffee will not be made in the large pot – Keurig pods will be provided, please

       utilize that machine and the individual sugar and creamer supplies;

     ▪ bring your own water and cups to limit additional cross contamination of

        products; and

 o bathrooms are restricted to one person at a time and restroom stalls/door handles/sink

    handles should be disinfected after each personal use.

- As we move to Phase Two with fewer restrictions, we will reassess 24/7 access, use of space and

normal member levels and pricing.

- As we look to Phase Two & Three, we will follow governor stipulations on number of people in a

gathering and plan accordingly regarding capacity and hours of access.

All members will attest to this COVID-19 via survey sent May 11th before entering the building. If you enter without a signature, you agree that you have been informed of these policies and will abide by their stipulations.

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